Agricultural Loans


Operating Line of Credit

Operating Lines of Credit from Elberfeld State Bank provide a funding source for short term cash flow needs. Today’s farming operations whether grain or livestock, requires a large amount of cash investment. An operating line of credit is a great way to make these large purchases for your farm without the hassle of having to apply for a loan every time you need to make a purchase. Borrow as much or as little as your operation needs.


Equipment & Inventory

Is it time for new equipment or is it time to replace inefficient equipment? We offer equipment and inventory financing to allow you to get this done. One of our Ag Lenders will be glad to review options to best fit your farm’s needs.


Ag Real Estate

Elberfeld State Bank has the knowledge and experience to help your farm with a real estate loan. Ag Real Estate Loans available may include loans for the purchase of bare farm land, equipment storage, grain storage, or livestock facilities.


FSA Loans

Farm Service Agency (FSA) Loans are designed to help new family-size farms secure the financing they deserve. We offer competitive rates on a wide range of agricultural needs including land, livestock, feed and more.


Young Farmer

Young Farmer loans are offered to young or beginning small farmers. These loans are available to farmers who are 35 years or younger or they have less than 10 years of farming experience and have earned less than $250,000.00 annually.


Farmer Mac

The Federal Agricultural Mortgage Corporation, Farmer Mac was established by Congress to create secondary market for agricultural mortgages and rural utility loans. This allows for the increased availability of long term credit at stable interest rates. These type of loans are secured by a first mortgage on agricultural real estate. Contact one of our experienced ag lenders today for more information.